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Watch your listings take off - with the high-end look and unique perspective of aerial imaging.

Are aerial photos even worth the time and money?

When 90% of buyers start their home search online, how will your listing stand out? Photos are the first chance to grab a buyers interest. Aerial images, mixed in right alongside our stunning professional photos, reveal the layout of the property, the neighborhood, and the view - so much more than a simple backyard shot can! Give buyers a full picture so they can recognize their dream home when they see it! 

Aerial imaging is especially critical for high-end properties, where the local available market may not support a sale. For these, giving out of town or out of state buyers an overview of the property is essential, and increasingly expected.

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Why should I add aerial footage to my property video?

6266 SW Trellis Dr - MLS -11.jpg

Drones offer multiple angles and options beyond the possibilities of a standard video, such as:

  • Panning down from a scenic view to show the home’s relation to the view

  • Speeding up an inviting driveway

  • Giving buyers confidence in the condition of the roof

  • Flying across a larger property to show the true scale of a farm, large city lot, or rural property (especially one with out buildings)

  • Approaching a property through a neighborhood or area to show what “coming home” will be like!

My nephew/friend/spouse has a drone - I’ll just have them do it.

While it may be tempting to get someone you know who has a drone to fly your listings for you - don't do it. The Federal Aviation Administration has strict rules for drones that are used for any commercial purposes. And yes, even if they fly for you for free, flying any real estate listing is considered flying for commercial purposes.

Real estate agents that use unauthorized or uncertified drone pilots risk fines of up to $11,000 per incident - charged to the agent, not the pilot. Not to mention, you can be held liable if the drone operator makes any mistakes or was uninsured.

Instead, fly with us and know that your drone imagery is legal and liability-free! With Hearth and Vine, you get professional, stabilized, high-quality footage from experienced, FAA-certified, commercially-insured, pilots.

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