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Make your listings pop with professional, hand-edited images that wow clients and move properties.

But do I really need to hire a professional photographer?

A home is the highest value asset most people ever own. You have the honor of representing them as they step out into the market to get the best return they can for their investment. Making professional photos part of your standard marketing strategy for every listing shows your clients that you are truly dedicated to their success, and that you deserve their trust.


Professional photos have been proven to decrease time-to-sale and increase average sale price significantly. This means a real financial advantage for both you and your client - and money in your pocket sooner.


Demographic changes over the past 10 years heavily favor photographic marketing of real estate. As many as 1 in 3 buyers are now willing to buy a home without actually visiting it - based on photos alone! This is likeliest among Millennials, who are are also more apt to search for a home online (and will expect homes to be marketed well online for prospective buyers.)

810 Missouri Ave - MLS - 08.jpg

According to the National Association of Realtors, more than half of all buyers now find their ideal home online, even though they still use a realtor to buy it 90% of the time. The single most effective way to catch they eye of the most buyers, and as fast as possible, is bright, sharp, professional photos. And when the increased sale price averages 1.5% above comparable listings that aren’t professionally photographed, everyone wins!

What do I get when I hire Hearth + Vine for my realty listing photos?

30221 Horseshoe Loop, Lebanon - HD

Experienced, professional photographers who are certified by national photography organizations. Top of the line equipment. A full service solution to market your property. A fully insured business partner for your realty firm. And the easiest booking experience we could create!

We know you are busy, so we let you book directly on our site - without playing phone tag or waiting for a text back. Photos are delivered the next day by noon (12PM), so you can get your listing up and selling fast!

Book with us and let us show you the Hearth and Vine difference. Click the button below to schedule your session today!

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