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Introducing Hearth + VINE

The Vine Studios is proud to share our new product line with you - Hearth and Vine Realty Imaging. The Vine Studios produces a wide variety of images, videos, music, and social media content. We even build websites for small local businesses and non profits! When a realtor lands at, we don't want them to waste valuable time navigating through all we offer just to book real estate photography. So we built an entire dedicated website and product line just for realtors!

Hearth and Vine caters to realtors and homeowners who need listing photos to sell a property. Additional offerings that help market a property include high resolution video, Zillow Walkthrough videos, aerial footage and images, twilight images, virtual staging, custom websites, and even professional headshots!

So why "Hearth + VINE?" The hearth has always been a focal point of a home - it's where food is prepared and enjoyed, time is spent working together, and evenings are passed relaxing. Just as the hearth is central to the home, photos are central to any marketing plan for a listing. It's the quickest and most effective way to communicate the feel and potential of a home to prospective buyers. Whether in print or online, professional photos are key to grabbing the attention of the right buyers, and they sell listings faster and for more money than standard photos.

Hearth and Vine is the intersection between our love of homes and our passion for good imagery. We hope you like it here! Check it out at

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