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When your listing has an amazing feature due to its location...

Then you'll want to show it off and give buyers a sense of how well situated the property is! And the best way to do that is with high resolution aerial photography from a UAS (drone). At Hearth and Vine, one of our specialties is providing professional quality photography from the air. For this listing, the best thing to show off to potential family buyers was it's quiet neighborhood situated right next to lots of public outdoor space, a large playground, and basketball courts. The drone photos make it easy to see the proximity and it'd be great for kids to enjoy the park that is literally as close as their backyard!

Drone photography also helps to build credibility for you as a listing agent. Because drones can take pictures from nearly any angle, they allow you to show things about the home and location not possible with traditional photography. For example, if the drone photos clearly show a brand new roof in good repair, and that matches your listing description perfectly, it gives potential buyers confidence and boosts interest in the property. So next time you've got a listing with a great location, lots of property to show, or a killer feature nearby, consider adding aerial photography to your Hearth and Vine photo package (which you can book here)!

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